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After partition ripped apart the peace, two friends are forced to fight each other. They refuse to do so and instead unite to go back to where they came from, shedding away the colour coded military disguises that are forced upon them - A secret 'armistice' between two hearts that radiate the desire for peace. 

But, has the war eaten up what was once their home? 

Colours of War is a local co-op game set on a platformer. Help each other solve environmental puzzles to advance through the game. Play it with the audio on, preferably with headphones.

A Game developed by,

Subrojit Dhara
Shrikant Talegaonkar
Saravana Kumar
Abhishek Krishnan,

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)


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It feels good and nice to control 2 character simultaneously . SFX is a bit annoying though. 

interesting concept